07.26.2014 8:00 Time to Fly!

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B Payload Altitude

Overview of Rules:

The goal of B Payload Altitude is to fly a NAR standard payload as high as possible.

Design Considerations:

NAR Standard Payloads are made from 'standard' 18mm body tube, so your design must be slightly larger than that. Many manufacturers carry tubes & nosecones for this event. See the advanced tips for more design considerations.

Tips for Beginners:

Buy a kit and build it straight, paint and sand it smooth. Calculate the optimum mass and then go fly it to test it out. 

Advanced Tips: https://sites.google.com/site/xnarcompetition/altitude-events/payload-altitude

Rules Link:

The link to the rules is located at http://nar.org/pinkbook/25_PAY.html


Links to Companies which sell kits:

No Part II - Qualified Competition Rockets

Versi-Loader kit (B - C) - Aerospace Specialty Products

Payload kit - Aerospace Specialty Products (this is just a NAR Standard Payload kit, not a rocket)