07.26.2014 8:00 4 Days to Liftoff!

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We've started a twitter account for fast updates during NARAM week. https://twitter.com/naram56 

We hope to not update about bad weather, but we might. We may tweet about other activities and schedule changes throughout the day. Maybe we'll even tweet some prizes to the first person to respond. Who knows!

Lots of small announcements:

For contestants, we've announced a preliminary range duty roster. Please check it out and let us know (by the form at the bottom of the page) if there are any problems. http://naram56.org/index.php/contest-info/range-duty-roster

Pre-registration is now offline as scheduled. We can continue selling banquet tickets until Sunday of NARAM, you can still purchase them online by registering as a spectator. http://naram56.org/index.php/registration/banquet-cutoff-field-pricing

If you'd like a printable schedule with room information on it, find it here: http://naram56.org/images/NARAM56schedulerooms.pdf

And finally, we're announcing our banquet menu & dress code: http://naram56.org/index.php/naram-information/banquet-information


Now that you're registered, you can start building your contest models, your high power certifications attempts, your night launch rockets and your fun event rockets. 6 Fun events to choose from!

While we are providing shirts, patches & pins at the launch, Zazzle is our provider for other various NARAM-56 related merchandise including belt buckles, polo shirts, and stickers. Today (Saturday June 21st) the code SUNNYLONGDAY gets you 21% off your order at Zazzle. http://zazzle.com/naram56*

In response to a few inquiries, we are announcing reduced pricing for children ages 4-11 for sport flying for the week (10$ less than the normal prices). 

In addition, after checking with our banquet meal provider, we are also able to offer banquet tickets for young rocketeers at a reduced price as well. Normal banquet tickets remain 40$, ages 4-11 are 30$ and children 3 and younger eat free (but please register them anyway).

If you've already registered your child for sport flying or the banquet and want a refund, please get in touch with the Contest Director on the contact page. Shortly, we'll be emailing everyone that we think qualifies for a small refund, but if we missed you, please let us know.